Wars Across the World: Hastings 1066 review

Wars Across the World: Hastings 1066

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Hastings 1066 is based on the conquest of England in the early Middle ages. Three players fight for the realm

The new Saxon king Harold II must hold the coastline against his two opponents: the Norman William and his army in the South, and the Vikings of Harald Hardrada landing from Norway in the North.

Hastings 1066 lasts 12 turns each representing about 1 month, between January and December 1066 AD. It opposes three players over England: a Saxon, a Norman and a Viking.Forces of those three sides are not similar.

- The Saxons have numerous possibilities to raise feudal levies and can count on their famous Huscarls.

- The Normans and their Flemish or Brittany allies in have an impressive cavalry.

- The Vikings are feared warriors and their Berserkers are frightening.

The game event cards allow full replay ability thanks to the numerous various situations that their create on the diplomatic, military, political or economical fields.

Estimated Playtime: 1h00

Favored Side: none

Hardest to Play: Saxons.


Wars Across the World: Hastings 1066 Wars Across the World: Hastings 1066
Wars Across the World: Hastings 1066
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