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Tooth and Claw

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Tooth and Claw transports the player into a VR world of prehistoric times as a sabretooth tiger! Stalk, Hunt and Attack your prey in a variety of modes including a 20 player Battle Royale PVP events!

Mark your territory by climbing the leader board with your predatory instincts.

You have the eyes of the tiger. Also paws and claws.

Sniff out and take down foes in a variety of ways including stalking, pouncing and clawing at your opponent with 1 to 1 actions all within different environments of the Pleistocene ice age.

Play online with your friends or against the Ai, but the best hunters are human...or tigers...wait what?

- PvP Game Modes or vs Ai
- Battle Royale
- Capture the Calf
- 1v1 Modes
- Realistic Animals Of the Pleistocene Ice Age.


Tooth and Claw Tooth and Claw
Tooth and Claw
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