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Solar Wind

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JimJams games are a small, indie development team with a love for the retro games of the '80's and 90's. We only develop games that embrace that era, aiming to provide true classicly styled gaming, with a massive retro feel, maybe with a slight hint of what these games would have been with a little more processing power.

We don't aim to develop AAA games, but simply to bring our passion for a time gone by to those who love truly classic themed and inspired games. If this is a genre and era that you love, then our games are for you.

Solar Wind is our take on the classic sidescrolling shoot 'em ups of the past. Fight your way through deep space, penetrate asteriod belts, swoop low across alien moons, and weave through narrow caverns, and alien complexes as you take the fight to an unknown enemy.

Solar Wind encompasses many elements of the classic side scrolling, shoot 'em ups. Blast asteroids, take on alien ships, upgrade your ship with numerous add-ons, and navigate the unknown in the retro-themed blaster. We've taken our love of such games as Scramble, R-Type, Gradius, Vanguard, and a load more and combined our favourite features of each.... And we haven't stopped yet!

  • 20 challenging, themed, retro blasting stages.

  • A new big boss at the end of every stage.

  • Over 90 different aliens, enemy weapons and defences..

  • Destroy radar stations and ground bases to interrupt the alien responses.

  • Fight challenging and varied mid-stage boss ships.

  • Upgrade your ship with over 80 weapons, equipment, armour and add-ons.
  • Battle to the thundering, original, Astro rock soundtrack.


Solar Wind Solar Wind
Solar Wind
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