Beachhead: DESERT WAR review

Beachhead: DESERT WAR

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Desert warfare returns from the arcade to the computer in this action packed thrilling rendition of the beachhead series with added features including night-vision, new textures and immersive environment. Defend your command post from day and night attack. Face the onslaught of enemy troops in a captivating ground battle that turns your computer into a sandbagged bunker.


• Fast and Furious Hard-Core, Nonstop Arcade action.

• Massive airborne attacks.

• Day and night fighting with search lights , flares and added night-vision.

• Each tank and vehicle has unique and accurate characteristics because of the ultra realistic graphics

• Realistic Defender Weapons: M60 General Purpose MG, Twin-barrel 30 Cal AA Gun, 75MM AT Cannon, .45 Handgun, and Gatling Gun precisely designed based on Blue-prints.

• Realistic Enemy Weapons: MB78 Battle Tank, APC Fuchs with Gun Turrets and Missile Launchers, Cobra Attack Helicopters, CH53 Shercoskys, F101 Jet Fighters and C-130 Hercules Transport Aircrafts precisely designed based on Blue-prints.

• Use Air Support (B58 Bombers at your command)

• Realistic Battle Sounds and Special Effects (Dimensional sound effects for distance and battlefield depth)

Other more Realistic Features include:

• Heat seeking missile launcher.

• New APC's (Armored Personnel Carriers) armed with gun turrets and missile launchers

• Diverse and specific ammo drops (bullets missiles and shells)

• Built in cheat code keys

• Special forces night attacks

• Full cause and effect with accumulative damage registration for true to life action

Trailer music made by: Synapsis


Beachhead: DESERT WAR Beachhead: DESERT WAR
Beachhead: DESERT WAR
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